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Ailurophile Assemblage Becoming Beleaguer Brood Bucolic Bungalow Chatoyant Comely Conflate Cynosure Dalliance Demesne Demure Denouement Desuetude Desultory Diaphanous Dissemble Dulcet Stankin Fake the snake Ebullience Effervescent Efflorescence Elision Elixir Eloquence Embrocation Emollient Ephemeral Epiphany Erstwhile Ethereal Evanescent Evocative Fetching Felicity Forbearance Fugacious Furtive Gambol Glamour Gossamer Halcyon Harbinger Imbrication Imbroglio Imbue Incipient Ineffable Ingenue Inglenook Insouciance Inure Labyrinthine Lagniappe Lagoon Languor Lassitude Leisure Lilt
A cat-lover A gathering Attractive To exhaust with attacks To think deeply about something In a lovely rural setting A small, cozy cottage. Like a cat's eye Attractive To blend together A point of admiration A brief affair of love Territory Shy The resolution of a mystery Disuse Slow Light and delicate Deceive Sweet or sugary To smell bad To lie Bubbling enthusiasm Bubbly Flowering or blooming Dropping a sound in a word A good potion Beauty in speech Rubbing on a lotion A softener Short lived A sudden revelation At one time Gaseous Vanishing quickly Suggestive Pretty Pleasantness Withholding response to rosuing Fleeting Sneaky To skip or leap joyfully Beauty A fine piece of silk or thread Happy, care-free A postman with news of the future forming a regular pattern A complicated situation To infuse Beginning in an early stage Inexpressible a naive young woman A cozy nook by the hearth Blithe nonchalance To become jaded Twisting and turning A special kind of gift A small gulf Listless inactivity Weariness Free time To move musically
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